Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Where are you located?
    A. We are located in Historic, old town Peoria. We are on the North side of Monroe Street which is 3 blocks south of Peoria Avenue and just east of 83rd Avenue.

  • Q. Do you allow outside or self-catering?
    A. Yes. We allow you to bring in your own catering, whether that is a professional company or if you would like to bring the food yourself. We provide a full-size refrigerator/freezer for your use. We do not allow any cooking on-site. All food must come prepared and we allow a maximum of 3 rosters/ crockpots to be used during the event.

  • Q. Do you allow us to bring our own alcohol?
    A. Yes. We allow beer, wine, champagne and pre-mixed commercially sealed hard alcohol. We do not supply any alcohol or allow self service of alcohol (with the exception of the Champagne toast). You must have a security guard that will be obtained by An Old Town Wedding and Event Center. We also require a bar server at any events serving alcohol. If your alcoholic beverages fit the criteria above An Old Town Wedding and Event Center will supply our bar server (please see Additional Services for security guard and bartender).

  • Q. Can I bring in hard liquor?
    A. If you want to serve hard liquor or have the bar server mix cocktails, a licensed/bonded/insured bartending service must be hired. Please see us for a list of bartending service companies.

  • Q. Can I have just champagne for the toast without a bartender/security?
    A. Yes. Champagne only is allowed for the toast without the need for a bartender/security.

  • Q. Can you provide a Wedding Officiant for our ceremony?
    A. Yes. We have Wedding Officiants that can perform your ceremony. They have worked with us for several years and provide a very memorable ceremony (please see Additional Services for the Wedding Officiant).

  • Q. What are your time blocks and do they include set-up time?
    A. Each of our time blocks is designed with vendor and bridal set-up time included. Any affiliates of the wedding may be allowed onto the property at the start of their designated time block. Our 7 hour wedding and reception time block is from 3pm-10pm and not available for daytime events. Our 5 hour wedding and reception time block is from 9am-2pm Friday, Saturday and Sundays or any desired time block (excluding holidays) on weekdays. Our 3 hour ceremony only time block is available for any three hour time slot from 9am-2pm Friday, Saturday and Sundays or any desired time block (excluding holidays) on weekdays.

An Old Town Wedding And Event Center
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